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supercell - 告白 Kokuhaku

The second ending song for Guilty Crown. 告白 read as kokuhaku, translates to confession (of love). A pretty cheerful song i should say, so much so that sometimes after a sad episode it feels out of place. I think the first stanza is something to look out for.
 If you sacrificed yourself to save me, how should I think when I am all alone?
The rest of the lyrics depict this very everyday situation between a boy and a girl. A "what if?" situation for Inori and Shu if they were just normal students in our world.

もしも僕のため 君が身を挺して



笑え 君のために
無茶苦茶になって 言うよ



待っていて 今すぐに行くから



笑え 君のために
無茶苦茶になって 世界が明日に終わろうとも

掴め 君のその手を 
約束しよう 僕にこの命ある限り
moshimo boku no tame kimi ga mi wo teishite
boku no kawari ni shinde shimatta nara
sonna sekai ni nokosareta boku wa
hitori nani wo omoeba ii

oboeteru kana
kimi wo suki ni natta boku wa omoi tsuitanda
nikori tomo shinai kimi wo zettai ni
warawasete yarou tte ne

dakedo sonna kangae wa migoto ni uchi kudakareta
boku ha kekkyoku hitori de waratte bakari itanda
[marude korejya doukeshi da, kimi no senzoku de gozaimasu]
nante odokete ittatte mattaku muhannou de

warae kimi no tame ni
boku wa nando datte kusha kusha ni natte
mucha kucha ni natte iu yo
nakitai kurai ni waraeru kurai
suki dayotte sa

toki wo kasane omoi wo kasane
sou yatte zutto chikaku ni te
atarimae datta kimi ga inakunatte
sono omosa wo shittanda

ano hi sono te wo hanasazu tsuyoku tsukamaeteta nara
boku wa kekkyoku hitori de jikomanzoku shiteita dake
[marude korejya usotsuki da, kimi no tame toka icchatte]
sou tsubuyaita kotoba de sae todokanakute

hashire kimi no moto e
boku wa nando datte koronde yaru
mayotte yaru
matte ite ima sugu ni iku kara
donna konnan ga soko ni atte mo

sore wa unmei no hazu datta
kimi to boku wa towa ni tomo ni
nanoni kimi dake inai no naraba
boku wa toki wo kakete ai ni iku yo

[soshite kimi wa mizukara wo gisei ni shite
boku wo tasukete kureta no naraba
kondo koso boku wa kimi wo mamotte miseru kara
boku wo shinjite]

warae kimi no tame ni
boku wa nando datte kusha kusha ni natte
mucha kucha ni natte sekai ga ashita ni owarou to mo

tsukame kimi no sono te wo 
boku wa mou zettai ni hanashi wa shinai
yakusoku shiyou boku ni kono inochi aru kagiri
kanarazu shiawase ni shiyou
nando datte warawaseru kara
dakara boku ni tsuite kite hoshii
ii darou?
If you were to step up
and die in my place
What should I think of?
Alone in this world

I wonder if you remember
As I grew to like you, an idea stuck me
I realized you don't smile much
So I wanted to make you laugh  

However this thought was admirably destroyed
In the end I was always the only one laughing
"I'm like you exclusive clown" I joked
Though you gave absolute no response

Please laugh
For your sake I got gloomy and sometimes reckless
but I'll say it
I like you so much it makes me want to laugh and cry

Overlap time and thoughts
That was how I always stayed by your side
I got so used to having you around
That I really felt the weight when you were not there

If only I hadn't let go of your hand that day and grabbed on tightly
In the end I was only doing it for self-satisfaction
"I'm a liar, saying it was all for you"
Even these words i muttered couldn't reach you

I'll run to where you are
I'll fall
and lose my way
but please wait a bit more because I'll be right there
no matter what difficulties may await me

It seemed destined
that we will be together forever
but if you aren't there
I'll jump through time just to meet you

"If you sacrificed yourself to save me
then this time I will definitely protect you
Believe me" 

Please laugh
For your sake I got gloomy and sometimes reckless
Even if the world threatens to end tomorrow

I will grab your hand
Never letting go again
I'll promise you this that as long as I am alive
I will make you happy
I'll fill your life with laughter
That's why I want you to follow me
Is that alright?

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